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  • God's Superheroes: Amazing Catholic Men

    Superheroes are everywhere — in movies, on television, and in video games. It’s exciting to think about these extraordinary people with amazing powers who save us from evil and are a force for good in the world. But did you know that God has real-life superheroes of his own? They started out as ordinary people. Then something (God!) happened to them, and they changed.

    Mary Bajda. Illustrated by Melinda Steffen
    Item: T2496
  • Praying for You Card

    Use this stationery for any occasion — from “get well” to “thinking of you,” and much more. A lovely watercolor illustration of the rosary reminds us of the importance of praying for those we care about. This card will both inspire and affirm.

    These ten cards with matching envelopes are 5” x 7” and have the message “I prayed for you today” on the inside.

    Item: CRD2765
  • Thank You Card

    Use this beautiful stationery to thank those who have graced your life with kindness. Whether a heartfelt act, a work of mercy, or any other gift has been bestowed on you, this card will help express your gratitude.

    These ten cards with matching envelopes are 5” x 7” and have the message “I thank God for you” on the inside.

    Item: CRD2766
  • Confirmation Card

    This beautiful card will help you congratulate the family member, friend, or classmate who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation. The striking artwork on the front of this card helps remind the recipient of the many saints who serve as models of faith and whom we can imitate throughout life.

    These ten cards with matching envelopes are 5” x 7” and have the message “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in them the fire of your love” on the inside.

    Item: CRD2767
  • Sacraments Card

    Whether a family member or a friend is celebrating a baptism, wedding, First Communion, Holy Orders, or entering into full communion with the Catholic Church, this beautifully designed card is perfect for any of these events, and more.The attractive artwork that enhances the front of this card will remind this special person of the graces bestowed on us through the sacraments.

    These ten cards with matching envelopes are 5” x 7” and have the message “The power of Christ lives in the sacraments” on the inside.

    Item: CRD2768
  • Beckoning

    Tabby Long is a non-Christian girl in a Catholic school whose world gets turned upside down when her dad, who has never been a man of faith, experiences a miraculous healing on Good Friday. Her father’s dramatic religious conversion alienates her mother, who deserts the family. In her struggle to understand what has happened to her family, Tabby follows the suggestion of her school’s religion teacher, and she begins spending time reading Scripture while in Eucharistic Adoration.

    Claudia Cangilla McAdam
    Item: T2531
  • The Catholic Wedding Planner

    As you nail down the details of your wedding day, this planner will give you the opportunity to prepare your heart for marriage. Throughout this book, you will be invited to pause and reflect with three amazing Catholic wives and mothers. Jenny Uebbing, Emily Wilson, and Rachel Balducci share their wisdom and guide you through reflections on each of Saint Paul’s “Love is” descriptions in First Corinthians.

    Our Sunday Visitor
    Item: T2293
  • Imagine You Walked with Jesus: A Guide to Ignatian Contemplative Prayer

    Contemplative, or imaginative, prayer is a method of meditative prayer developed by Saint Ignatius of Loyola in which you imagine yourself as a character in a Bible story, experiencing the events described in the passage as if you were actually there. As you prayerfully immerse yourself in the Bible passages in this book, you’ll be invited to draw on your imagination to rewrite the story from your own perspective: what you saw and heard, your feelings and emotions, and how you interacted with Jesus and the other people present in the story.

    Jerry Windley-Daoust
    Item: T2581
  • Carlo Acutis Set

    Blessed Carlo Acutis — on his way to becoming the first millennial saint — is a wonderful example of the “everyday holiness” that we can all strive for. Inspire young and old to remember him and ask for his intercession with these three die-cut vinyl stickers and book about the saint. They are easy to peel and stick to packages, notebooks, suitcases, lockers, laptops … or wherever you could use a reminder that anyone can strive for sainthood! This is a great little gift for any young Catholic in your life.

    Item: T2762
  • My life Is a Miracle

    Walk with Sister Bernadette on a journey of faith through pain, paralysis, and finally healing to the 70th officially recognized miracle of Lourdes, a miracle she now proclaims to the world.

    The perfect book to share with friends, family, and anyone who needs to be reminded of the true miracle of God's love for all creation.

    Sister Bernadette Moriau
    Item: MG239638
  • Building on Love: Pope Francis on Family

    Building on Love offers more excerpts from Amoris Laetitia, focusing on the fruits and responsibilities of marital love: children, their education, and the life of the family. The pope's magnificent text is divided into small sections, each followed by a series of questions for reflection or group discussion.

    Pope Francis
    Item: MG709757
  • How to Attack Debt, Build Savings, and Change the World Through Generosity: A Catholic Guide to Managing Your Money

    Most of us were never taught how to handle money, let alone what God has to say about it. Just thinking about money makes us worried and anxious. If you’re tired of living in debt, stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, stressed out when emergencies pop up, and wish you could be more generous, Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira are here to help.

    Amanda and Jonathan Teixeira
    Item: T2614
  • The Catholic Notetaking Bible: Blessed Is She Edition (NABRE)

    Discover a beautiful, personal way to engage with Scripture through The Catholic Notetaking Bible: Blessed Is She Edition (NABRE). This new and improved version, formerly known as The Catholic Journaling Bible, is designed specifically for Catholic women. Using the full text of the New American Bible, Revised Edition — the translation you hear at Mass in the United States — this notetaking Bible is the perfect companion as you dive deeper into the Word of God.

    Item: T2724
  • Every Day with Saint Joseph

    Every Day with Saint Joseph is the perfect place to start building that relationship. With a timely and relevant meditation for each day of the year, this book will help you connect with Joseph even in the midst of your busy life. This daily devotional is divided into twelve months, with each month highlighting a particular spiritual gift or charism that Saint Joseph exhibited as the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus. You’ll begin each day with a quotation from Scripture, followed by a brief reflection, a question or act to consider, and a short prayer to Saint Joseph to carry through your day.

    Mary Amore, Editor
    Item: T2695
  • Elwood: The Story of a Catholic World War II Hero

    Sister Lucia Treanor, a direct relative of Elwood, tells of his extraordinary heroism in the face of danger. But Elwood: The Story of a Catholic World War II Hero is more than that — it is the story of true faith and real virtue, born of a love for God and others, which gave the young Captain Euart the fortitude to do what was needed when the time came.

    Sister Lucia Treanor, FSE
    Item: T2454
  • Grace in Tension: Discover Peace with Martha and Mary

    Grace in Tension explores the areas where stress arises in our own lives. Each chapter ends with a thought-provoking prayer to inspire us to go to God with our problems, followed by questions for reflection to help us see all the ways he’s working for our good.

    Claire McGarry
    Item: T2501
  • The September Pope: The Final Days of John Paul I

    After so many unsubstantiated claims and unconfirmed rumors, we now know what happened in the last hours of the life of “the smiling pope.” Finally, here is an accurate account, backed by in-depth research and previously unpublished documentation, revealed by Stefania Falasca, the vice-postulator for John Paul I’s cause of canonization, in The September Pope: The Final Days of John Paul I.

    Stefania Falasca Foreword by Cardinal Pietro Parolin
    Item: T2676

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