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  • The Eucharist Bulletin Inserts

    ***Sold in packages of 25 inserts***

    A recent study showed that half of Catholics in the United States do not know that the Church teaches the Eucharist is the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of Christ, and seven out of ten Catholics believe the bread and wine used at Mass are just symbols. This new series of bulletin inserts from OSV can help educate, inform, and form Catholics in Church teaching on the Eucharist.

    David Werning
    Item: X2507
  • Stewardship Bulletin Inserts

    ***Sold in packages of 25 inserts***

    As important as stewardship is to the Catholic Faith, many Catholics have an incomplete understanding of what it is and why it matters. Help your parish grow in faith and knowledge with this series of bulletin inserts on the topic.

    Lisa Anslinger
    Item: X2509

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