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  • My Daily Visitor: Advent 2022

    Reflect, pray, and live this Advent season with My Daily Visitor. This handy resource helps you to begin each day with quick and easy Scripture-focused reflection, prayer, and achievable actions to prepare for the coming of Christ.

    Fr. Patrick Mary Briscoe, OP
    Item: T2732
  • OSV Kids: Eucharist

    This special issue of OSV Kids magazine teaches children about the Eucharist — the source and summit of our Catholic Faith. The Eucharist is Jesus Christ: his Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

    OSV Kids
    Item: KDS2776
  • Praying for You Card

    Use this stationery for any occasion — from “get well” to “thinking of you,” and much more. A lovely watercolor illustration of the rosary reminds us of the importance of praying for those we care about. This card will both inspire and affirm.

    These ten cards with matching envelopes are 5” x 7” and have the message “I prayed for you today” on the inside.

    Item: CRD2765
  • Thank You Card

    Use this beautiful stationery to thank those who have graced your life with kindness. Whether a heartfelt act, a work of mercy, or any other gift has been bestowed on you, this card will help express your gratitude.

    These ten cards with matching envelopes are 5” x 7” and have the message “I thank God for you” on the inside.

    Item: CRD2766
  • Confirmation Card

    This beautiful card will help you congratulate the family member, friend, or classmate who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation. The striking artwork on the front of this card helps remind the recipient of the many saints who serve as models of faith and whom we can imitate throughout life.

    These ten cards with matching envelopes are 5” x 7” and have the message “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in them the fire of your love” on the inside.

    Item: CRD2767
  • Sacraments Card

    Whether a family member or a friend is celebrating a baptism, wedding, First Communion, Holy Orders, or entering into full communion with the Catholic Church, this beautifully designed card is perfect for any of these events, and more.The attractive artwork that enhances the front of this card will remind this special person of the graces bestowed on us through the sacraments.

    These ten cards with matching envelopes are 5” x 7” and have the message “The power of Christ lives in the sacraments” on the inside.

    Item: CRD2768
  • Chaplet of the Blessed Sacrament

    Exclusive to OSV! The new Chaplet of the Blessed Sacrament, hand crafted by expert makers Grant and Celeste Louvier, founders of Born Again Rosaries. This Chaplet, approved by Pope Pius X in 1911, consists of a Blessed Sacrament medal and 33 beads, representing Christ’s 33 years on earth.

    Grant Louvier
    Item: ROS2742
  • Seven Sorrows Chaplet

    Exclusive to OSV! The Seven Sorrows Chaplet, hand-crafted by expert makers Grant and Celeste Louvier, founders of Born Again Rosaries, is a work of art, and was designed to enhance your prayer of the Seven Sorrows Rosary. This devotion, dating back to the fourteenth century, is an invitation to meditate on the sorrows of the Blessed Mother.

    Grant Louvier
    Item: ROS2740
  • Chaplet of the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Exclusive to OSV! This chaplet was created to honor the founder of OSV, Father John Francis Noll, who had a special devotion to the Blessed Mother. The Chaplet of the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary, hand-crafted by expert makers Grant and Celeste Louvier, founders of Born Again Rosaries. This prayer, dating from the seventeenth century, consists of three sets of one Our Father and four Hail Marys, prayed to honor Mary’s three crowns of Excellence, Power, and Goodness.

    Grant Louvier
    Item: ROS2739
  • Saint Joseph Tie

    Celebrate the Year of Saint Joseph! Proudly display your devotion to Saint Joseph with this new necktie exclusive to OSV. The beautiful pattern designed by artist Abigail Halpin includes the treasured symbols of the carpenter, guardian of the Blessed Mother and Jesus, and Patron of the universal Church. Whether you wear it to Mass or to work, this tie is not only stylish but a conversation piece that could lead to an opportunity to share the Faith. Poly-twill fabric, standard width, includes care instructions.

    Abigail Halpin
    Item: TIE2693
  • A Busy Parent's Guide to a Meaningful Lent

    Lent is a time of sacrifice, but Lent with little ones (or medium ones, or older ones) can seem like sacrifice with an extra helping of penance. Why? Because parenting comes with its own set of sacrifices, made daily. But being a busy parent doesn't mean you (and the whole family) can't do Lent well.

    Maria C. Morrow
    Item: T2474
  • The Handy Little Guide to Lent

    Lent is the forty-day journey through the ultimate expression of self-sacrifice that our Savior endured for us. If this season doesn’t create some lasting change in us, we’ve done it wrong.

    Whether you’re giving up chocolate (again) or just trying to figure out meatless Fridays, if you want to get the most out of each and every Lent, The Handy Little Guide to Lent is for you.

    Michelle Schroeder
    Item: T2563
  • Alleluia Note Cards

    Exclusive to OSV! These note cards are perfect for almost any use — as a thank you note, an invitation, or just a note to remind someone they are loved. The beautiful watercolor design and lettering is a lovely reminder to praise God always.

    Set of 25 cards with matching envelopes are 3.5" x 5" and are blank inside.

    Item: NC2590
  • A Pastoral Guide to Opening Your Parish

    A Pastoral Guide to Opening Your Parish is the go-to playbook for parish leadership to welcome back parishioners following the shutdown. This resource will equip you to move forward in a careful, hopeful, and prayerful direction. Covering pastoral ministry, finance, technology, and additional areas of parish governance, this guide provides pastors, pastoral leaders, and pastoral councils the tools they need to lead their parishes effectively in these challenging, uncertain times.

    Item: X2593
  • I'm Catholic Now What Package

    An exclusive two-book package, only available from OSV. The perfect gift for a new Catholic, for someone entering RCIA, or anyone who is curious about the Catholic faith, this package includes I'm Catholic. Now What?" and The Catholic Source Book. This is the ultimate package for helping Catholics continue to learn about their faith long after they've completed RCIA. Each book allows the reader to dip into sections as questions arise, or dive deeper to learn about a particular topic or theme. Covering everything from prayer and devotion, to customs and rituals of the Church, these books are amazing references that will foster lifelong learning and love of the faith.

    Item: T2597
  • Alleluia Enamel Pin

    Exclusive to OSV! A unique and beautiful addition to your jewelry collection, this enamel “Alleluia” pin will be a constant reminder to praise God and a lovely way to open conversations about the Faith. Measuring approximately 1 ¼” square, your highly detailed pin comes in a beautiful metallic finish and includes a pin back.

    Abigail Halpin
    Item: T2556
  • The Mass Bulletin Inserts, Spanish

    ***Sold in packages of 25 inserts***

    It’s a comment you may have heard before, even from regular Mass attendees: “I just don’t get anything out of the Mass.” One key to getting parishioners to participate more fully in the Mass is to help them understand more about it. This series of five weekly bulletin inserts gives a thorough but easy-to-read overview of the Mass and its meaning.

    Timothy P. O'Malley
    Item: X2506

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