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  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Elementary Student Book

    This all-in-one elementary student book helps kids trek through faith-rich experiences - at VBS and at home! Kids interact with the activity pages in the Monumental Faith Bible Book each day during Oasis Tastes. At the end of the week they'll take home the book as a reminder of all they discovered at VBS. Featuring exclusive illustrated Bible stories created just for Monumental VBS. Order one Monumental Faith Bible Book per elementary student.

    Item: CU8134
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Watch for God Wristband

    pkg. of 10

    On Day 1 in KidVid Cinema, kids each receive a cool Watch for God Wristband that they'll wear all week. Made of child-safe silicone, these sky-blue bands are imprinted with the reminder to kids to keep their eyes open for things that God is doing all around them! Ages 3+.

    Item: CU8135
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness God Sightings Cactus Flowers

    set of 60 (20 each of 3 colors, enough for 12 Crews)

    Celebrate God Sightings every day with vibrant Cactus Flowers. Beginning on Day 2 of Canyon Closing, each Crew will add one of these colorful, 3-in. tissue paper flowers to the Monumental set. By the end of the week, your desert will be blooming with visual reminders of God's greatness! One package includes three colors (purple, yellow, orange) and is enough for 12 Crews for the week.

    Item: CU8136
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Imagination Station Chromo Slime

    pkg. of 10

    Kids explore thermo-chromatic reactions to discover that sometimes we really can't believe what we see! They experiment with how their own body temperature changes the Chromo Slime color. It's a reminder that even when things change, God's love is matter what! Each container holds 1.5 oz of nontoxic slime.

    Item: CU8137
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Imagination Station Coyote Cruisers

    pkg. of 10

    Wind up the fun with Coyote Cruisers! After learning about how to ramp up and limit different types of power, each kid will receive a 3 in. x 2 in. x 2 in. Coyote Cruiser to unleash! As they race their Cruisers, kids'll discover that God is in charge even though circumstances can slow us down. Elementary only.

    Item: CU8139
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Imagination Station Ink-n-Shrink Wristbands

    pkg. of 10

    Kids turn flimsy plastic into strong wristbands to teach that God is stronger than anything. As kids experiment with different levels of strength, they'll use Ink-n-Shrink Wristbands to explore how we can go through something hard and come out stronger. Kids'll color a 3 in. x 3 in. Monumental logo that shrinks down to an unbreakable medallion, the add it to a 12 in. string to create a wearable keepsake. Elementary only.

    Item: CU8140
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Imagination Station Jumping Jets

    pkg. of 10

    Kids experiment with these 2-in. tall hip-hopping Jumping Jets. They'll discover that we can always learn more about God and the cool, surprising ways he made things in our world. Each Jumping Jet comes with a spring, suction cup, base, and hare for kids to assemble.

    Item: CU8141
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Imagination Station Posters

    set of 10 posters

    Transform your Imagination Station room into a desert campsite, full of rugged views! It's easy with the five captivating, 34 in. x 22 in. decorative posters in this pack! Plus, you'll use the five Talk-Starter posters in here to begin Imagination Station sessions each day - helping kids engage with each other and the day's activities. Fun!

    Item: CU8142
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Imagination Station Try This At Home Sticker Sheet

    pkg. of 10 sheets

    The fun's not done! Try This at Home stickers inspire Bible learning for the whole family. After each Imagination Station experiment, kids add the peel-off family devotion to a plastic bag holding that day's Sciency-Fun Gizmo. Later, parents and siblings can enjoy gizmo-great Bible learning too! You'll need one sticker sheet for every child.

    Item: CU8143
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Imagination Station Talk Starter Sand

    1 set, 2 colors (enough for 1 Crew for the week)

    You'll start each day at Imagination Station with a fun talk-starter question to help kids get to know each other. Plus, it's a great way for kids to express themselves! Kids will "vote" for their answer by adding a tablespoon of red or yellow sand to a vase. As kids answer questions throughout the week, they'll see how the sand layers together to make really cool designs. Includes a 15 oz. package of red sand and a 15 oz. package of yellow sand, enough for one Crew for the week.

    Item: CU8144
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Sing & Play Music DVD

    Want energetic music videos of kids demonstrating the motions to all 9 Monumental songs? Got it right here. How about special video introductions of Monumental Bible Memory Buddies to use during Sing & Play Celebration? God that, too. It's all on this DVD - ready for instant use! Included in the starter kit.

    Item: CU8150
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Skits DVD

    Having trouble finding volunteers to performt he skits at Sing & Play Celebration each day? You don't have to miss out on the fun with this DVD that features the skit segment for each day. Just plug it in and enjoy the canyons of laughs!

    Item: CU8152
  • Monumental: Celebrating God's Greatness Bible Point Posters Set of 6

    You'll use these Bible Point Posters every day at Sing & Play Celebration - and they brighten any station, room, or hallway at Monumental. Each 22 in. x 34 in. art print features a reminder of what your kids are learning about Jesus, helping God's truth stay fixed in their hearts and minds. Set of 6

    Item: CU8153

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