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  • Rocky Railway VBS Sing & Play Express Leader Version Music CD Set

    No musical experience needed to lead VBS worship time--this CD set does it all for you! Disc 1 includes all 10 Rocky Railway worship songs with vocals, plus 10 instrument-only accompaniment tracks. Disc 2 contains ready-to-display PowerPoint slides with lyrics for all 10 songs.

    Item: CU6129
  • Rocky Railway VBS Train Track Rolling Stamper

    Laying tracks is easier than ever with the Train Track Stamper. Kids will use these handy rollers to quickly create tracks for experiences in Little Kids Depot and Imagination Station! You'll need 2 Stampers per Crew per rotation.

    Item: CU6109
  • Rocky Railway VBS Wind Up Toy Trains Pkg/10

    On Day 3 of Rocky Wrap-Up, Crews work together to create a bridge for these 3 1/4 in. Windup Trains. It's a powerful visual demonstration of how Jesus' power helps us be bold. You'll want one train per Crew. Package of 10

    Item: CU6197
  • Rocky Railway VBS Printed Backdrop Cloth Panels Pkg/3

    This 3-panel backdrop is your all-purpose, use-it-again-and-again, decorating set piece. Button holes on the top edge of each panel makes hanging easy and frustration-free. Treated with flame retardant. Set of 3 panels (approx. 18 ft. x 8 ft. total)

    Item: CU6144
  • Rocky VBS Bible Memory Buddies Pkg/50

    Dramatically increase your VBS impact by equipping kids to share their faith with a set of multifunctional Bible Buddies. Each custom-designed play piece features a Buddy on the front plus the daily Bible Point and verse on the back.

    Item: CU6111
  • Rocky Railway VBS Train Whistle

    This attention-grabbing 7 1/4 in. x 1 1/4 in. noisemaker is used as a signal to refocus kids when it's time to move to a new station, end a game, or start a new activity. For adult use only.

    Item: CU6193
  • Rocky Railway VBS Power Tube

    Your Bible Adventures leader will use this 7 1/2 in. awe-inspiring gizmo on Day 5 to show how Jesus' power helps us be good friends. It's a powerful object lesson that encourages kids to stay connected and share the love of Jesus with others!

    Item: CU6196
  • Rocky Railway VBS Carabiner Pkg/10

    Imprinted with "Trust Jesus!" these sturdy carabiners make it easy for kids to take all 5 Bible Memory Buddies anywhere.

    Package of 10

    Item: CU6112
  • Rocky Railway VBS Gleam'n Curtain

    Complete your water tower by adding this shimmery 3 ft. x 8 ft. curtain to the spout or add dimension to your rolling river in Sing & Play Express.

    Item: CU6153
  • Rocky Railway VBS Buttons Pkg/30

    Hand out these collectible, inexpensive, 2-inch buttons during registration on your first day of VBS. Kids will wear this flair nonstop - and volunteer leaders will too! Package of 30

    Item: CU6163
  • Rocky Railway Banduras Blue Pkg/6

    A favorite at VBS! Kids (and leaders) wear Banduras as headbands, wristbands, ponytail holders, and anywhere creativity demands. Get different colors for each Crew to help everyone stay together! Package of 6

    Item: CU6167
  • Rocky Railway VBS Paperboard Tubes Pkg/10

    Little Kids Depot will be bustling when kids use these versatile, sturdy, roll-up tubes to create Choo-Choo Kazoos on Day 3. Just like train whistles are a bold warning that trains are coming, these Choo-Choo Kazoos remind preschoolers that Jesus' power helps us be bold! Package of 10

    Item: CU6102
  • Rocky Railway VBS Buddy Boxcars Pkg/10

    Preschoolers use these 5 in. x 3 in. card-stock boxcars on Day 1 of Craft & Play. After customizing their own boxcars, they'll fill them up with cargo, "drive" them to the Crew bucket, and dump the cargo out. You'll need one Billy Boxcar per preschooler.

    Package of 10

    Item: CU6103
  • Rocky Railway VBS Preschool Bible Pack

    Introduce preschoolers to each day's Bible story in an engaging, multisensory way during Exploration Stations.

    Package of 50 sheets and 50 stickers (enough for 10 preschoolers)

    Item: CU6100
  • Rocky Railway VBS Alpaca Finger Puppet Pkg/10

    Used in Preschool Craft & Play on Day 5, these customizable 6 in. puppets are a great reminder to your littlest learners of how Jesus' power helps us be good friends, even to someone who lives far away!

    Package of 10

    Item: CU6238
  • Rocky Railway VBS Games at a Glance Cards

    Streamline Loco Motion Games with the all-new Games-at-a-Glance Cards! Once you have all the prep for your station done, these sturdy, water-resistant 5 in. x 7 in. cards are filled with everything you need to lead each game!

    Item: CU6195

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