Brother Francis - Confirmation

Brother Francis - Confirmation

The Blessings of Belonging to God DVD  

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Plays in English AND Spanish!
Runtime: 33 minutes

Join Brother Francis as he shows us what the Sacrament of Confirmation is, what it does, and why Jesus promised it to us! Present in the same joyful reverence as all other episodes, “Brother Francis: Confirmation” will help viewers understand the wonderful grace given in this powerful sacrament!

DVD has both English and Spanish audio tracks and subtitles.

This episode includes:

  • "The Parable of the Good Shepherd": an entertaining yet meaningful reminder of how Jesus, our shepherd, calls us by name and makes us His sheep!
  • "The Baptism of Jesus": a moving account of the day Jesus was baptized.
  • "The Day of Pentecost": a powerful portrayal of the day the Holy Spirit was sent to the Early Church.
  • "The Sacrament of Confirmation": a vivid, simple and clear presentation of how the Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated, and how we prepare for it.

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