Catholic Faith Facts

Catholic Faith Facts

Q & A for Lent and Easter  

Theresa Driscoll, Kelley Renz

Get Wise to Your Catholic Faith!

Ever wonder why we rub ashes on our foreheads at Lent?

Ever wonder how the stations of the cross were chosen?

Ever wonder ...

Quiz yourself and others with fascinating Catholic Faith Facts! Students, catechumens, youth, and families ... Play your way to a fuller Lenten experience. Everyone will have fun celebrating and embracing their Catholic identity with Catholic Faith Facts: Q & A for Lent and Easter.

Each card features three questions of varying degrees of difficulty about one aspect of Lent or Easter: perfect for the Church, the classroom, or the dinner table!

Build confidence in your understanding of Catholic Tradition while developing a deeper appreciation for the richness of this glorious season.

Get wise to the whys of the Catholic Faith!


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