Faith and Common Sense

Faith and Common Sense

The Catholic Response to an Epidemic, Spanish (Package of 50)  

Gretchen R. Crowe
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The spread of disease in epidemic proportions can be unsettling or even frightening. The volume of information available online and in the media, sometimes conflicting, can often cause even more fear and panic. Who do we trust, and how do we respond? OSV has created this concise and practical pamphlet to encourage Catholics to face epidemics with a balance of reason, prudence, and trust in God. In it, readers will find practical tips for keeping themselves, their families, and their communities safe, how to plan ahead, and the importance of caring for the sick and most vulnerable. They will also learn about certain precautions that bishops and pastors may take to protect the health and safety of all the faithful. The pamphlet includes a special prayer that can be used by individuals or groups, to stay close to the Lord and the Blessed Mother in prayer during an outbreak.

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Also available in English.


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