Fr. Michael McGivney

Fr. Michael McGivney


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Father Michael J. McGivney is the newest U.S. born Catholic to be beatified. He is most well-known for founding the Knights of Columbus, a fraternal service order intended to provide security for Catholic families in case of death. However, it was his emphasis on unity and charity, and virtuous service to Church, community, and family that drew Catholic men to the organization. Today the Knights of Columbus has over two million members, and over 15,000 councils in over a dozen countries.

While the Knights of Columbus has made an enormous impact on the Church and the world, Father McGivney spent his entire ministry as a simple parish priest, living the lessons he stressed: holiness, defense of the faith, helping people in need, and strengthening families.

This pamphlet from OSV gives Catholics a brief biography of Blessed Michael J. McGivney, as well as a summary of his teachings and legacy, which is as important and relevant today as ever.

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