Fusion en la fe (Faith Fusion Bilingual Catechist Edition)

Fusion en la fe (Faith Fusion Bilingual Catechist Edition)


Gloria Shahin, David Dziena, Fr. George Hafemann, Foreword by Alfred McBride, O.Praem.
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Faith Fusion brings the Catholic Faith to life in words and images, and provides a complete review of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for middle school students. This new bilingual edition has Spanish on one page and English on the next. At the heart of every lesson is a clear and consistent focus on Scripture and Tradition, connected to the students' lives through prayer, reflections, activities, and stories of faith lived in the example of saints and other holy people.

Throughout each lesson in Faith Fusion, the focus is on providing a direct connnection between the student's life and the teachings of the Church for a lifelong foundation of faith and relationship with Christ. Faith Fusion provides a complete immersion into the Faith by also presenting the Church's Social Teachings, beliefs and practices, traditional prayers, Church history highlights, and much more. Perfect for Confirmation prep, RCIA, and junior high or high school review program.

The Faith Fusion Junior High collection includes:

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