Gateways to God

Gateways to God

Celebrating the Sacraments  

Fr. Robert J. Hater
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Grace for Daily Living

Theologian Fr. Robert Hater explores the manifold ways sacraments work as gateways that lead us to encounters with God. All creation is sacramental because it is the gateway that reveals God's presence in the universe. Jesus described Himself as the gate to salvation and eternal life. His Church is the gateway to the kingdom of God, and the sacraments are the seven gateways to life-giving grace.

Gateways to God explores the nature and meaning of sacraments. Using Scripture, history, and pastoral practice, Fr. Hater shows you how to approach the seven sacraments of the Church as gateways to divine life, how to receive them with expectant faith, and how to let them strengthen you for daily Christian living.

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