In the Voting Booth

In the Voting Booth

A Catholic Perspective, Spanish  

Greg Erlandson
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The media storm revolving around the election is relentless. Add in religious liberty issues and Catholics have a real opportunity to voice opinions that reflect Church teachings.

In the Voting Booth: A Catholic Perspective, walks Catholics through the important responsibility of voting in light of one's Catholic conscience.

The pamphlet answers the questions most on people's minds:

  • Does the Church tell me who should I vote for?
  • What are the key principles that should be guiding me as I enter the voting booth?
  • How does my Catholic Faith help me to make these choices?
  • What about the separation of Church and State?
  • If no single party or candidate in a given election conforms to our important Catholic principles, what am I to do?

Voting with a Catholic conscience is hard work and support from parish and diocesan staffs is imperative to move people along the continuum of knowledge - both of their faith as well as the national issues.

Distribute copies through the mail, in the bulletin, in the pews, or at various parish ministry events and gatherings. Use them as a basis for discussions among young people, small faith groups, adult catechesis, and even parish staff members. In the Voting Booth: A Catholic Perspective has received an Imprimatur.

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