Mother of Mercy Scriptural Rosary

Mother of Mercy Scriptural Rosary


Vinny Flynn and Still Waters
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Like the popular Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II (4-CD set), and The Complete Still Waters Rosary (single CD), this 2 CD set from Vinny Flynn & Still Waters features dramatic readings from scripture, but instead of a single long or short reading before each decade, there is a brief passage before each Hail Mary to help you stay focused on the mystery.

All new instrumental background music, composed and arranged by Harry King and Erin Flynn, adds to the inspirational power and beauty of the readings and prayers.

Includes all 20 mysteries. Each set of mysteries takes about 22-23 minutes, making it ideal for those on the go. 2-CD set in folding cardboard wallet case.

The Mother of Mercy Scriptural Rosary 2 CD Set can be used with its companion booklet or by itself for private or group recitation of the Rosary.

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