Opening the Scriptures   Bringing the Gospel of Mark to Life

Opening the Scriptures Bringing the Gospel of Mark to Life

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George Martin
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Jesus said to them, "Come after me."

  • Mark 1: 17

    The Gospel of Mark may be the briefest of the four Gospels, but it is the richest in detail, giving us descriptions of miracles and events in the life of Jesus found nowhere else in the Bible.

    In common sense language and easy-to-understand concepts, gifted Catholic writer George Martin brings Mark's words to life, focusing on its meaning in the time of its writing, as well as how this Gospel is meaningful for our lives today.

    Whether you practice prayerful reading (lectio divina), prepare homilies, lead or participate in Bible study groups, are a Scripture teacher or seminarian, you will find George Martin to be an enlightening and accessible guide to Mark's Gospel.

    "George Martin's expositions of the Gospels are written with admirable clarity. They interpret each Gospel in its first-century context, convey the best insights of modern scholars, and challenge readers to apply the text to their own lives." -- Daniel Harrington, S.J., Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

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