Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pastor of the World  

Woodeene Koenig-Bricker
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Pope Francis has captivated people all over the world. Catholics and non-Catholics alike are drawn to him as "Pastor to the World." Why?

This pamphlet, published in anticipation of his historic visit to the U.S., helps explain why this humble priest from Argentina is a beacon, leading people into a deeper relationship with Christ. Readers will learn how Pope Francis truly is a pastor at heart, how his life models the humility of Christ, and his core teachings on family, discipleship, the church, politics, and the Gospel. The pamphlet includes questions for individual reflection or group discussions.

Stock this pamphlet now, leading up to Pope Francis' U.S. visit, and offer it to both Catholics in your parish, and non-Catholics in your community to help everyone come to know and love our Holy Father and the Church he shepherds.

For a non-reproducible PDF of this pamphlet, click here. The PDF is meant for review only and should not be reproduced in any form.

Also available in Spanish.


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