Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty


Greg Erlandson
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The debate surrounding religious liberty is just beginning - but many Catholics are increasingly confused about what is at stake and why they should be concerned. Amid the discordant and competing voices, it is imperative that Catholics have a real opportunity to understand what the Church teaches on this important topic and why.

This pamphlet frames the argument in clear, concise and real terms. This is not just a debate on contraception. This is not a just a debate on HHS to force Catholic organizations to provide contraception as part of their health plans.

The real issue at stake is the right to follow our particular creed - or any creed for that matter - without undue interference from the State. For the State to require of the Church something that is explicitly forbidden by the Church should be seen as an extraordinary burden.

The Religious Liberty pamphlet answers the questions most on people's minds and guides them to action as we defend this core constitutional principle and teaching of our Church.

For a non-reproducible PDF of this pamphlet, click here. The PDF is meant for review only and should not be reproduced in any form.


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