Unleash the Gospel Pastoral Letter

Unleash the Gospel Pastoral Letter


Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron

On Pentecost of 2017, Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron published the pastoral letter Unleash the Gospel, the roadmap for the missionary transformation of the Archdiocese of Detroit and the fruit of Synod 16.

"Unleashing the Gospel is not something we do individually but a communal task, a work of the whole mystical body of Christ to which we belong. If we are living as a band of joyful missionary disciples, our communal life is itself a radiant witness to the power of the Gospel. It falls to me as the principal shepherd of this local Church to lead and direct our community in answering the Lord’s call to be about making disciples of all nations. In response to what I have heard the Holy Spirit saying to us in Synod 16, I pledge to make 'Unleashing the Gospel' according to the direction of Synod 16 the road map for the years remaining in my ministry as Archbishop of Detroit. I am firmly convinced that the graces bestowed upon the Church in Detroit in Synod 16 are a great spiritual treasure, riches which the Holy Spirit has poured out upon us for the monumental task that lies ahead. With the help of God, I will be a true and faithful steward of these gifts that are the common property of us all for the work that has been entrusted to us all."
- Archbishop Vigneron


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