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  • Rocky Railway VBS Off-Rail Roller Pkg/10

    On Day 1 of Imagination Station, kids go off track with the Off-Rail Roller. Each kid will receive a kit to assemble, then have a blast powering it up and experimenting with all the different ways it rolls. It's a great reminder that even when life goes in different directions, Jesus has the power to help us overcome and do hard things. Package of 10

    Item: CU6119
  • Rocky Railway VBS Hope N Hover Pkg/10

    Hope soars on Day 2 in Imagination Station! The Hope 'n' Hover kit helps kids explore how the hope we have in Jesus' power can lift us up. As kids experiment with the Hope 'n' Hover, they'll be reminded that not only does Jesus' power give us hope, but we have the power to share that hope with our friends and family so they can be lifted up as well! Package of 10 kits

    Item: CU6120
  • Rocky Railway VBS Bold Blaster Pkg/10

    Stop kids in their tracks on Day 3 with the unexpected power of the Bold Blaster! Each kid will get a 5 1/2-in. Bold Blaster kit and will have a blast as they experiment with these high-flying gizmos. As they play, they'll discover that Jesus is like our own "power pack," giving us strength and helping our boldness reach new heights! Package of 10 kits

    Item: CU6121
  • Rocky Railway VBS Perpetual Paper Pkg/10

    The fun never ends on Day 4 as kids experiment with the flip-flopping Perpetual Paper booklet. As kids, unfold and refold the booklet, they'll discover 4 different interactive pages that remind them of what they've learned at VBS. Package of 10

    Item: CU6122
  • Rocky Railway VBS Power Band Pkg/10

    Kids fuel up on Day 5! Each kid will use the Wood Power Beads and Coal Power Beads from the daily Talk-Starter activity to create their own Power Band. As they assemble their bands with the beads, they'll add a cross as a reminder that Jesus uses his amazing power to help us through life's ups and downs. 1 pkg. = enough for 10 kids

    Item: CU6123
  • Rocky Railway VBS Imagination Station Poster Set

    Transform your Imagination Station room into a train engine repair shop, full of fascinating gears and gizmos with the 5 captivating, 34 in. x 22 in. decorative posters in this pack! Plus, you'll use the 5 Talk-Starter posters included to begin Imagination Station sessions each day - helping kids engage with each other and the day's activities. Set of 10 posters

    Item: CU6124
  • Rocky Railway VBS Imagination Station Try This at Home Sticker Sheets Pkg/10 sheets

    Try This at Home stickers inspire Bible learning for the whole family. After each Imagination Station experiment, kids add the peel-off family devotion to a plastic bag holding that day's Sciency-Fun Gizmo. Later, parents and siblings can enjoy gizmo-great Bible learning too! You'll need one sticker sheet for every child. Package of 10 sheets

    Item: CU6125
  • Rocky Railway VBS Sing & Play Express Participant Music CD

    Kids love to praise Jesus! This special CD features all 10 Rocky Railway songs kids love, including contemporary Christian melodies and updates of favorite hymns. Order extras - families will want to take this CD home!

    Item: CU6126
  • Rocky Railway VBS Sing & Play Express Participant Download Card

    One cool code-activated card makes it possible to load all 10 Rocky Railway songs onto your favorite electronic audio device. A mighty tool for digital-native volunteers and a terrific take-home gift for families too. One download card code valid for one device.

    Item: CU6127
  • Rocky Railway VBS Clip Art CD

    Save time! Packed with ready-to-use art for Buddies, logos, signs, station names, and more. Plus forms, program resources, publicity helps, and sound effects—a gold mine of program helps!

    Item: CU6128
  • Rocky Railway VBS Sing & Play Express Leader Version Music CD Set

    No musical experience needed to lead VBS worship time--this CD set does it all for you! Disc 1 includes all 10 Rocky Railway worship songs with vocals, plus 10 instrument-only accompaniment tracks. Disc 2 contains ready-to-display PowerPoint slides with lyrics for all 10 songs.

    Item: CU6129
  • Rocky Railway VBS KidVid Stories DVD

    Real kids. Real stories. Real God. Each segment of this inspiring DVD features a kid who's learning to follow Jesus in everyday life. Awesome—and inspiring!

    Item: CU6130
  • Rocky Railway VBS Music DVD

    Want energetic music videos of kids demonstrating the motions to all 10 Rocky Railway songs? Got it right here. How about special video introductions of Rocky Railway Bible Memory Buddies to use during Sing & Play Express? Got that too. It's all on this DVD - ready for instant use!

    Item: CU6131
  • Rocky VBS Skits DVD

    Having trouble finding volunteers to perform the skits at Sing & Play Express each day? You don't have to miss out on the fun with this DVD that features the skit segment for each day. Just plug it in and enjoy the laugh tracks!

    Item: CU6133
  • Rocky Railway VBS Bible Point Posters Set of 6

    You'll use these Bible Point Posters every day at Sing & Play Express. Each 22 in. x 34 in. art print features a reminder of what your kids are learning about Jesus, helping God's truth stay fixed in their hearts and minds. Set of 6

    Item: CU6134
  • Rocky Railway VBS Bible Story Posters Set of 5

    Put God's Word on display in your Bible Adventures room and at Little Kids Depot! Each dramatic image is 22 in. x 34 in. and creatively captures a scene from the Bible stories kids are learning at Rocky Railway. Set of 5

    Item: CU6135
  • Rocky Railway VBS Bible Verse Posters Set of 5

    Let Scripture speak directly to kids' hearts. Child-friendly scenes paired with God's Word make a lasting impact! These 22 in. x 34 in. prints shine in your KidVid Cinema, Sing & Play Express, and Bible Adventures stations. Set of 5

    Item: CU6136
  • Rocky Railway VBS Giant Bible Memory Buddy Poster Set of 6

    These 3 ft. x 5 ft. VBS-themed posters fit in anywhere - and remind your kids of Rocky Railway Bible truths. Bonus! You can also trim and mount posters on foam core to make stand-alone Buddy displays. Set of 6 posters (preschool Buddy included)

    Item: CU6137

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