Allelu! Kindergarten Child/Family Activity Packet

Allelu! Growing and Celebrating with Jesus Kindergarten Child/Family Activity Sheets


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These 28 interactive Activity Sheets are designed to be a learning tool for the classroom and then sent home to share with the family during family mealtime. The Activity Sheets double as the child's personalized place mat for the dinner table. They provide both structure and support for important family rituals such as eating meals together, praying together, reading Scripture, and talking about their faith.

What better time is there for families to come togther and talk about their faith than at mealtimes? In fact, some of the most significant moments of Jesus' own ministry centered around meals with others. The Eucharist -- a holy meal -- is at the center of Catholic worship.

The Activity Sheets are critical to the Allelu! experience as it sparks the faith learning and living, and serves as an integral tool for parents to fulfill their responsibility as the primary educators of the Faith.


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