As I Have Loved You-Sp  Como Yo Los He Amado

As I Have Loved You-Sp Como Yo Los He Amado


Christopher Ruff
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“With a mighty victory over himself, Francis sprang from his horse, approached the leper, bent down quickly and kissed the fingers of the sick man, covered with the awful disease.... Sweetness, happiness and joy streamed into his soul….”

--As I Have Loved You, p. 88

Awakening…. Conversion…. Mission….

These are three movements in the process of discipleship in Christ. From Simon Peter dropping to his knees on the shores of Galilee, to St. Francis of Assisi stopped in his tracks by a leper, to model Leah Darrow overwhelmed by grace in the middle of a photo shoot, the process begins, repeats and deepens.

In Como Yo Los He Amado (As I Have Loved You), Christopher Ruff uses Scripture and stories of men and women touched by grace to illustrate this movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Written for small-group reflection, the resource is also suitable for individual use.

Like the other books in the Discipleship Series, As I Have Loved You:

  • Is ideal for busy people, with 6 short, engaging sessions
  • Soaks deeply and prayerfully in a few key Gospel passages
  • Connects with real life through timely discussion questions
  • Fosters love of neighbor through a simple component of service
  • Brings to life each theme with true stories that inspire

- Eduardo Verástegui – Mexican superstar encounters Christ.

- St. Augustine – Restless and thirsty for God in 4th-century Rome.

- Leah Darrow – Prodigal supermodel finds her way home.

- The Miracle of Lanciano – Doubting priest suddenly holds in his hands a Eucharistic miracle that remains today.

- St. Thérèse and St. Francis – Great saints faced weakness too.

- Sheldon Vanauken – A love story struck by suffering, and by the joy of redemption.

“This expanding set of small-group resources is aptly named the Discipleship Series. I recommend it wholeheartedly to individuals, groups, parishes and dioceses that wish to foster a deeper, fuller discipleship in Christ.”

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki, Archdiocese of Milwaukee

“Christopher Ruff’s Discipleship Series has been a very effective instrument for the new evangelization in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. I recommended it to our parishes as a model for Lenten renewal, it is solidly Catholic yet simple. It doesn’t require a huge commitment from pastors, lay leaders, and participants, but it still fosters growth in holiness through good content, meaningful shared reflection, and a commitment to service. I look forward to seeing future volumes in the Discipleship Series.”

Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, Archdiocese of Vancouver

Blessed Are You makes the Beatitudes come alive with meaning and relevance. As with the other books in the Discipleship Series, Chris Ruff takes you deeper than a theoretical study of the Faith – into a shared experience of following Jesus and building his Kingdom in the world today. Truly second to none!”

Chris Stefanick, Founder and President of Real Life Catholic

“Small faith-sharing groups which challenge the individual to works of charity and the apostolate are at the very core of the history of the reform of the Catholic Church. I congratulate Christopher Ruff on his work and hope that it will continue to be so well received."

The late Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR

About the Author

Chris Ruff has been writing small-group resources for more than 25 years, with a special desire to connect the inner life of intimacy with Christ with its outward expression in love of neighbor. Chris received his S.T.L. from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Rome and has been Director of Ministries and Social Concerns for the Diocese of La Crosse since 2001. HIs Discipleship Series has been used by parishes and dioceses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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