Catholic Parent Know-How

Catholic Parent Know-How

Bringing Allelu Home, 3-4 Year Old  

Joseph D. White, Ph.D. and Ana Arista White
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As children watch their parents living out the Christian life, they, too, grow in Faith. This booklet has an overview of the development of the preschool age child. It has a summary of the six basic tasks of faith formation and how to help your child in each of these areas. These include: promoting knowledge of the Faith, liturgical education, moral formation, teaching to pray, education for community life, and missionary initiation. In addition, it has a summary of the key themes your child will explore this year in Allelu!, and a prayer.

This concise, brief tool gives parents suggestions for reenforcing the lesson learned in the classroom. It is a great tool to keep throughout the year to refer back to as you and your child explore the Catholic Faith.

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Also available in Spanish.


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