Catholic Parent Know-How

Catholic Parent Know-How

Bringing Allelu Home, 4-5 Year Old, Spanish  

Joseph White/Ana Arista White
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Discover the Beauty of Our Catholic Faith

The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls the home "the first school of Christian life" (CCC 1657) -- meaning that by God's design, families are the first and primary place children learn about God. As children watch their parents living out the Chrisitan life, they grow in the Faith.

Allelu! is a preschool religion program that understands and values the essential role of families in forming children's faith. For this reason, the program contains a variety of ways parents can share their faith with their children.

Catholic Parent Know-How: Bringing Allelu! Home contains an overview of the development of the pre-kindergarten child, a summary of the six basic tasks of faith formation and how to help your child in each of these areas, a summary of the key themes your child will explore this year in Allelu!, and a prayer for parents. Keep it as a reference throughout the year as you work together with your child's teacher to help your child discover the trasures of our Faith.

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