Discover Christ

Discover Christ

Developing a Personal Relationship with Jesus  

Bert Ghezzi, Dave Nodar
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  • What is the meaning of life?
    • Why do I need a savior?
    • Why is the Resurrection important?
    • What does it mean to believe and belong?
    • Why does Jesus matter?

    Many people have lost their sense of purpose in life, or perhaps never took the time to develop one in the first place. Through personal stories, Scripture, and testimonies, the authors invite readers to find their purpose in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Discover Christ proposes that we find our identity and purpose in a God who is personal to the core. The book presents a God who didn't just send the broken world a set of rules, or a plan of social action, but who sent a person whose name is Jesus Christ.

    Whether you are skeptical of religious faith or a life-long believer, Discover Christ will challenge you to take a fresh look at what Jesus said and did and what that means for you.

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