God the Father and the Best Day Ever

God the Father and the Best Day Ever


Gracie Jagla
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You’ve heard Easter’s story,
You know how it goes:
Christ died for our sins
And on Easter, he rose.

But there’s more to the story
That you might not know.
What happened above when God
Triumphed below?

Find out the answer in
a story you’ll treasure:
God the Father
and the Best Day Ever.

With beautiful illustrations and memorable rhyme, this book tells the sweeping story of God’s love for us since the beginning of time. Your child will learn how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection opened heaven, so we can spend eternity with God.

God the Father and the Best Day Ever shows children that God is a father who is loving and lovable, helping them to grow in a relationship with him that will last a lifetime.

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“Jagla and Popcak have teamed up to present the Gospel message in a way both simple and profound: simple enough to charm and captivate a child, yet profound enough to move a theologian. A minor masterpiece of art, verse, and theology!” -- Dr. John Bergsma


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