Hispanic Catholics in Catholic Schools

Hispanic Catholics in Catholic Schools


Hosffman Ospino
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“The Church is called to be the house of the Father, with doors always wide open.” – Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel

As the Church in the United States becomes increasingly Hispanic, it is important to ask: how are Catholic educational structures, particularly our schools, serving the next generation of U.S. Catholics who are largely Hispanic?

In this groundbreaking study, Boston College embarked on an effort to name the realities, challenges and possibilities in Catholic schools as they adjust to cultural changes and new demographics. The National Survey of Catholic Schools Serving Hispanic Families provides reliable and actionable data that will help strengthen and prepare Catholics schools so that they can continue to serve as vibrant instruments of the Church’s evangelization mission.

Written by leading researchers Dr. Hosffman Ospino and Dr. Patricia Weitzel-O’Neill, this study explores:

  • Changing demographics among 21st-century Catholics
  • Current practices in U.S. Catholic schools related to serving Hispanic families
  • Timely Catholic school enrollment data with a systematic analysis of Hispanic enrollment numbers
  • Practical ideas to help Catholic schools welcome and integrate Hispanic students and families
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