Hispanic Ministry in Catholic Parishes

Hispanic Ministry in Catholic Parishes

A Summary Report of Findings from the National Study of Catholic Parishes with Hispanic Ministry  

Hosffman Ospino
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"The Church is called to be the house of the Father, with doors always wide open." - Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel

In this groundbreaking nationwide study of Hispanic ministries in U.S. parishes, Dr. Hosffman Ospino describes not only the reality of the Church in the United States today, but the Church it is becoming. With 40 percent of the Catholic population in the United States claiming Hispanic roots, and the possibility that this population could triple in the next 35 years, Ospino makes clear that the vitality of our Church in the 21st century depends in large part on our embrace of this growing Hispanic presence. He documents the obstacles that threaten this vitality, and describes the opportunities that await us if we open our doors wide to the richly diverse communities that comprise Hispanic Catholicism.

"Dr. Ospino's study is a must-read for every diocesan office and every parish in this country. The challenge of this transformation he describes is to be welcomed, not feared, for it will ultimately enrich all of us as Catholics and be a blessing for our entire nation." -- Greg Erlandson, President and Publisher, Our Sunday Visitor

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