Is This Marriage Valid?

Is This Marriage Valid?


Lorene Duquin
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For any number of reasons some Catholics decide to marry outside the Church. Some couples may not realize that it poses a problem, and others may desire for their marriage to be valid in the eyes of the Church but have some impediment to convalidation. This easy-to-read pamphlet helps parish families understand what constitutes validity, what convalidation is, and advice on how to proceed if they want to make their marriage valid in the eyes of the Church. Couples will also learn the spiritual benefits of validating a marriage, and how to talk to family members about their decision. Help couples open the conversation in a gentle, non-judgmental way with this useful handout.

Also available in Spanish.

For a non-reproducible PDF of this pamphlet, click here. The PDF is meant for review only and should not be reproduced in any form.


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