Listening for God in Everyday Life

Listening for God in Everyday Life


Joseph D. White, Ph.D.
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Does God speak?

Perhaps a better question is: Are we listening?

In Listening for God in Everyday Life, author, speaker, and psychologist Joseph White shows us how to listen for God in this noisy, chaotic world. God is speaking to us all the time, but we have to learn to hear his voice. Drawing on his personal experience, Joseph reveals the means God uses to speak directly to our hearts. Some of these may even surprise you! They include:

Silence - Gifts and Talents - Scripture

Creation - Humor - Tradition

Art - Liturgy - Saints

Struggle - Children

Relationship - People in Need

When we learn to hear it, God's voice opens our hearts to his love, deepening our relationship with the one who knows us better than we know ourselves.

How is God speaking to you?

"Hearing God's voice should be part of our daily routine as Christians. And the good news is that God is always speaking to us; it's up to us to cultivate ears that can hear his voice. In Listening for God in Everyday Life, Dr. Joseph White shows us how to do just that, revealing many of the subtle, mysterious, and surprising ways in which God speaks to us and invites us to listen and follow." - Dr. Gregory Popcak, author, radio host, counselor, and Founder and Executive Director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute

“What a joy to read Listening for God in Everyday Life! This winsome book called to mind the statues of saints outside Chartres Cathedral with their bulging, wide open eyes. Saints are enveloped in wonder because they allow themselves to be enchanted by the people and events happening before their eyes. Doctor White and his wife, Ana, have the ability to marvel, especially at the people they encounter, because they listen, as Saint Benedict says, with the ‘ear of the heart.’ Their listening allows them to encounter the Lord in his many disguises and share the fruit of those encounters with readers. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.” — Fr. Willy Raymond, President, Holy Cross Family Ministries

“If you’ve ever lamented God’s absence in your life or longed for a more tangible prayer journey, Listening for God in Everyday Life is just for you! Through personal storytelling and practical wisdom, Dr. Joseph D. White, PhD, invites us into a deeper perspective on God’s omnipresence in the world around us. Giving you eyes to see and ears to hear, this book will sharpen your resolve to seek God in even the most surprising ways and places. A treasure!” Lisa M. Hendey, author of I Am God's Storyteller

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Joseph D. White, PhD, is a nationally recognized clinical psychologist and best-selling author. He is the Director of Catechetical Resources for OSV.

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