Living Catholic Stewardship

Living Catholic Stewardship

Faith and Finances  

Phil Lenahan
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Money issues pose a huge challenge to today's Catholic families, often leading to stress, bankruptcy, even divorce. The average American household has about eight major bank credit cards (seventeen when you include department store and gas cards) that carry a combined balance of almost $8,000!

Living Catholic Stewardship: Faith and Finances is an inexpensive resource designed to help free you from this cycle of debt, stress, and guilt. It's a pamphlet -- not about making more money or getting rich, but about freeing ourselves from a life of consumerism. It is packed with bite-sized examples and ideas that will help you connect your faith life with sound financial decisions. You will find:

  • Practical tips on how to reduce credit card debt
  • Six significant discussion questions for families to help them prioritize their spending and view it in the light of their faith
  • Helpful hints for the whole family on using the household resources

Financial freedom is a topic of interest to everyone, from the young person about to cash their first paycheck to the retiree living on a fixed income. This pamphlet is for everyone.

Living Catholic Stewardship: Faith and Finances is just the tip of the iceberg! For better understanding on finances and your Catholic Faith, order 7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free and the supplement workbook, 7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free Workbook.

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