Making Missionary Disciples

Making Missionary Disciples


Curtis Martin
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Do you have the same dream as Pope Francis? Would you like to see your parish, apostolate, or family flourishing in Christ like never before?

In Making Missionary Disciples, Curtis Martin, founder of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), explores how to build a vibrant culture of faithfulness and fruitfulness. He doesn’t just remind us how every disciple is called on a mission to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ. He gives us practical ways to do this in our ordinary daily lives.

  • Know the three crucial habits of effective evangelization.
  • Grow in divine intimacy following the four essential practices to which the early disciples devoted themselves.
  • Learn the importance of becoming not only a disciple, but a missionary disciple.
  • Understand the three-phased “Method Modeled by the Master”—the approach to evangelization modeled for us by Jesus in the Gospels and rooted in Catholic magisterial teaching.

Experience the transformation for which we all long—through Making Missionary Disciples.

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