Merciful Mother

Merciful Mother


Vinny Flynn & Still Waters
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On our Merciful Mother CD you'll find some old favorites here, like Immaculate Mary, As I Kneel, Ave Maria, and Hail Mary, Gentle Woman, and some beautiful newer folk hymns as well, like The Beautiful Mother and Gently She Carries; all orchestrated and sung with the gentle, prayerful style characteristic of the Still Waters family music ministry.

The whole story of Mary's motherhood and merciful intercession is represented, from the joy of her pregnancy in Holy is His Name and The Love That I Bear, to her ultimate sorrow at the foot of the cross in Mary's Song (I Rocked Him as a Baby). The album is dedicated to Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa, the prophets of our times, whose lives, like Mary's, were a spiritsong of mercy. 45 minutes.

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