relit-3 DVD set

relit-3 DVD set


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relit: The Heart of Evangelization forms and equips your core faithful theologically, spiritually, and practically so that they can be active evangelists in their own parish and beyond.

relit is a dynamic training program consisting of 18 DVD-based sessions, with insightful discussion questions and more found in the facilitator and participant guides - all of which can be offered as a weekend retreat! However, with a completely flexible implementation plan, you get to choose to offer the training over a weekend, 6-9 weeks, or 18 weeks. Plus, you only need just one small group of committed staff and parishioners to start - from three to thirty parishioners.

As the evangelistic training in relit is applicable across all your ministries and functions, there's no need to reschedule studies, programs or formation you are currently presenting. In fact, relit will amplify, clarify and further enhance what you are already doing - giving strength to the renewal that has already begun.

Unleash your parish's potential

relit helps you take a step back to look at your parish life and ministries with a new lens, a renewed perspective. You will learn how to take the good work you are already doing and discover how these ministries can be more effective. Even seemingly everyday events, like offering coffee and donuts, can be transformed into opportunities to evangelize!

Reach more parishioners by meeting them where they are

You will learn practical approaches to effectively lead individuals closer to Christ. By exploring such things as some people's obstacles to the faith and learning how others see God in their lives, you will gain the skills to help them grown in their faith.

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