Renewing Catholic Family Life

Renewing Catholic Family Life

Experts Explore New Directions in Family Spirituality and Family Ministry  

Gregory K. Popcak, PhD
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A collection of essays from the Catholic Family Life Symposium in July 2019 sponsored by OSV Institute and held at the University of Notre Dame campus brings together internationally recognized theologians, social scientists, and pastoral ministry professionals to explore the renewal of Catholic family life.

The contributors to this book explored four historic questions:

  1. How are Catholic parents and children called to relate differently to each other than their non-Catholic counterparts?
  2. What does an authentic domestic-church-based spirituality look like?
  3. How can Catholic families be more effective forges of intentional discipleship and do a better job of raising the next generation of intentional disciples?
  4. How can Catholic families fulfill their role to be the primary outposts of evangelization and positive social change?

These questions are explored in a systematic way from a broad-based, interdisciplinary perspective. Readers will discover not only the challenges facing faithful families, but practical, empirically-based responses to those challenges, including the outline of the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life, a new model of family spirituality that allows families to bring Jesus home and experience the faith as the source of warmth in their homes.


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