The Handy Little Guide to Spiritual Communion

The Handy Little Guide to Spiritual Communion


Michael R. Heinlein
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There is a lot of information online about the practice of spiritual communion, not all of which you might find helpful. So you might be wondering: Is spiritual communion just something between me and Jesus? Is spiritual communion of no value if I can't receive the Eucharist? Is spiritual communion "just" a private prayer or devotion? (It's none of those things.)

The suspension of Masses worldwide as an effort to control the spread of COVID-19 has many Catholics longing for Holy Communion, but even in normal times there are other reasons Catholics may be unable to attend Mass or receive the Eucharist. That's why it's more important than ever for Catholics to understand and practice spiritual communion.

In The Handy Little Guide to Spiritual Communion you'll learn:

  • What spiritual communion really means, and what it can mean to you
  • What makes spiritual communion possible
  • The criteria for making an act of spiritual communion
  • What saints can teach us about spiritual communion
  • A variety of prayers and devotions you can use for spiritual communion

Gain clarity, comfort, and encouragement in The Handy Little Guide to Spiritual Communion.

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