The Secret to Making Scripture Come Alive

The Secret to Making Scripture Come Alive

The Practice of Lectio Divina, Spanish  

Stephen J. Binz
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As followers of Jesus, we want to know how to read Scripture in a way that makes a tangible difference in our lives. We want to know how the inspired texts can be personal, helpful, challenging, comforting, and life-changing.

Fortunately, we can find the means to fulfilling this desire in one of the most ancient treasures of the Church: the spiritual practice of lectio divina (sacred reading).

Lectio divina is a way of approaching the sacred text with faith, openheartedness, reverence, and expectation. This process can be described in five simple terms: listening, understanding, reflecting, praying, and acting.

The Secret to Making Scripture Come Alive: The Practice of Lectio Divina describes this process in detail in words that are easy to understand.

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Also available in English.


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