The Way God Teaches

The Way God Teaches

Catechesis and the Divine Pedagogy  

Joseph D. White, PhD
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God creates us out of infinite love for the purpose love. We are made to be in relationship with him, and it is God who initiates that relationship. To us, he reveals the truth about himself and his Creation. We call the way God reveals his truth to us the divine pedagogy.

The word "pedagogy" comes from a Greek word meaning "to lead the child." Likewise, God's own manner of leading us, his children, toward himself, is God's pedagogy.

The General Directory for Catechesis (GDC) states, "Catechesis as communication of divine Revelation, is radically inspired by the pedagogy of God, as displayed in Christ and in the Church" (143). We are called to hand on the truths of the faith not merely by doing our best according to human standards of theology and educational methodology, but rather by echoing God's own way of teaching us his truths.

Discover how God's pedagogy is --

  • Directed toward the individual human person
  • Incarnational
  • Relational
  • Structured, systematic, and comprehensive
  • Perpetual

With each aspect of God's Divine pedagogy, psychologist and master catechist Dr. Joseph White provides a practical outline for structuring your own catechetical ministry.

Let God lead you to a deeper understanding of how to pass on our Faith with the help of The Way God Teaches: Catechesis and the Divine Pedagogy.


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