Together in God's Love

Together in God's Love

A Catholic Preparation for Marriage, Participant's Workbook, Revised  

J. White, W. Cashion, Dio Aust
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Congratulations and thank you for making such an important commitment to each other and to God through this most beautiful Sacrament of Matrimony.

The Catholic Church recognizes the tremendous effort that goes along with helping a marriage thrive year after year and wants to give you every resource possible to ensure your success -- starting with the Trinity itself.

We believe that God exists in eternal communion. Together, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are united in one being with no beginning and no end. Human beings, likewise, were created by God in God's image for the purpose of a lifelong communion with God and with others. This workbook is a reminder that the Sacrament of Matrimony is no less than a glorious reflection of God's divine being.

In other words, just like the Trinity is one, God wants the two of you to become one. One in Faith. One in Communication. One in Sexuality. One in Stewardship.

Commit yourself to the self-assessments, self-reflections, and opportunities to share with your future spouse thoughts, dreams, and ideas that perhaps you have never discussed before. Dive in to this unique and accessible opportunity to connect with the true riches of the Sacrament of Matrimony. Trust each other and the process to truly lay the foundation for this lifelong commitment to become one with God and each other.

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