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  • My Daily Visitor: Eucharist, Spanish

    Grow closer to Christ in the Eucharist with My Daily Visitor: Eucharist, Spanish. This handy devotional with 40 reflection themes helps you to pray and reflect on the source and summit of our Catholic Faith. Perfect for Eucharistic adoration, prayer groups, and personal quiet time, this booklet will help enliven your relationship with Jesus in the holy Eucharist.

    Fr. Patrick Mary Briscoe, OP
    Item: T2789
  • OSV Kids: Eucharist

    This special issue of OSV Kids magazine teaches children about the Eucharist — the source and summit of our Catholic Faith. The Eucharist is Jesus Christ: his Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

    OSV Kids
    Item: KDS2776
  • Invitation and Encounter: Evangelizing Through the Sacraments

    In Invitation and Encounter: Evangelizing Through the Sacraments, theologian, author, and speaker Timothy P. O’Malley shows how the sacraments, as efficacious signs, are Christ working in the Church by the power of the Holy Spirit. This book presents a pastoral introduction to sacramental theology from the standpoint of evangelization. How do sacraments evangelize? How do sacraments both heal and divinize those who receive them?

    Timothy P. O'Malley
    Item: T2647
  • Building on Love: Pope Francis on Family

    Building on Love offers more excerpts from Amoris Laetitia, focusing on the fruits and responsibilities of marital love: children, their education, and the life of the family. The pope's magnificent text is divided into small sections, each followed by a series of questions for reflection or group discussion.

    Pope Francis
    Item: MG709757
  • Enter the Narrow Gate: Saint Benedict's Steps to Christian Maturity

    The choices we make each day have eternal ramifications, and there can be no compromise between the narrow way and the easy road. Ultimately, each of us must face — and answer — this all-important question: Are we willing to enter through the narrow gate and follow the narrow way all the way to heaven?

    Susan Muto
    Item: T2671
  • The Life of Jesus Christ: Understanding the Story of the Gospels

    The Life of Jesus Christ is the scriptural companion you've been searching for. Together, the four Gospels reveal Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, as a man of complexity and depth — compassionate but stern, who knew how to laugh and how to cry, a charismatic leader uninterested in worldly power, a subtle thinker who drew sublime messages from ordinary life. With Shaw guiding you, you'll truly get to know the Son of God in a new way.

    Russell Shaw
    Item: T2568
  • Draw Close to Jesus: A Woman's Guide to Eucharistic Adoration

    Jesus counted many women among his closest followers during his earthly ministry. He encountered, forgave, and healed women, including the woman at the well, the hemorrhaging woman, and the woman caught in adultery. And their lives were changed forever.

    Our lives are also changed when we spend time with Jesus in Eucharistic adoration. In Draw Close to Jesus: A Woman’s Guide to Eucharistic Adoration, Merridith Frediani offers women heartfelt, practical guidance for meeting Jesus in adoration and allowing him to transform us.

    Merridith Frediani
    Item: T2458
  • Living Metanoia: Finding Freedom and Fulfillment in Christ

    The word “repent” in Greek is metanoia — but the original Greek word means much more than just repentance. It means to change, to turn, to think differently. Metanoia is not a one-time event but a process, and as Christians we are called to live a life of metanoia. Living Metanoia explores what this looks like in our daily lives, encouraging believers in all walks of life to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. In his down-to-earth, approachable style, Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, addresses basic topics such as who Jesus actually is (rather than who we think he is or who we want him to be); what we need to do in order to inherit eternal life; the reality of evil; and our daily call to a deeper commitment to Christ.

    Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR
    Item: T2434
  • How to Grow in Faith

    How to Grow in Faith challenges young Catholics of all ages to ask questions, search for answers together, and discover how God loves each of them very deeply. The personalized program consists of eighteen meetings and can be spread over the course of months or years. Each meeting begins with a question that helps participants to explore their faith through interactive exercises and dialogue, finding answers that reveal the truth about life, love, and faith.

    Fr. Michel Remery
    Item: T2644
  • Why Are You Afraid? Have You No Faith?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on our lives, and the same is true for the Church. Masses were suspended for months, people could not receive the sacraments, and during that time Pope Francis celebrated Mass alone every day. Why are you afraid? Have you no faith? collects some of the words from the pope’s daily homilies when the world was in isolation during the "long Lent" in the spring of 2020, as well as Angelus messages and prayers he delivered. This book is filled with poignant photos that bring to life Pope Francis’ words of support and encouragement, especially from his extraordinary blessing "Urbi et Orbi" in an empty St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on March 27, 2020. The dozens of photos in this book illustrate the themes often evoked by the Holy Father during the pandemic, including fraternal love, solidarity, the common good, and the virtue of hope. Commemorating an historically important chapter in both the papacy of Francis and the history of the modern world, this book is another avenue by which the Holy Father shares his uplifting message of wisdom, hope, and love with those who have suffered in pain, loneliness, and fear. Despite the dire challenges we have faced during this pandemic, Pope Francis reminds us that evil does not destroy confidence in God, and it does not break the solidarity of humanity.

    Pope Francis
    Item: T2692
  • Monuments, Marvels, and Miracles: A Traveler's Guide to Catholic America

    America's got faith! You’ll find it in every state - in grand cathedrals and tiny chapels, in miracle shrines and underwater statues, and even in blessed dirt. Finding these sacred places hasn’t been easy - until now! Monuments, Marvels, and Miracles: A Traveler’s Guide to Catholic America takes you to more than 500 of the country’s most intriguing holy sites, each with a riveting story to tell.

    Marion Amberg
    Item: T2022
  • Patris Corde

    Pope Francis writes that the purpose of his apostolic letter Patris Corde (With a Father’s Heart), "is to increase our love for this great saint, to encourage us to implore his intercession and to imitate his virtues and his zeal.” As protector, advocate, and guardian of the Holy Family, Saint Joseph has always been venerated as a father to all Christians.

    Pope Francis
    Item: T2685
  • Way of the Cross for Loved Ones Who Have Left the Faith

    In this Way of the Cross for Loved Ones Who Have Left the Faith, the fourteen Stations have two emphases: intercession for loved ones and guidance for those still practicing the Faith. While contemplating our Savior’s sacrificial love, readers can intercede for friends and family as they spiritually carry the cross with Jesus, asking him to lead our loved ones back to Christ and his Church.

    Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD
    Item: T2542
  • United States Catholic Catechism for Adults, Spanish Updated Edition

    The presence of the Catholic Church in the United States reaches back to the founding days of our country through the leadership of Archbishop John Carroll, the first Catholic bishop in the United States. The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults is an excellent resource for preparation of catechumens in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and for ongoing catechesis of adults.

    Item: T2548
  • Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship

    In his third encyclical, Fratelli tutti, Pope Francis reflects on a topic of great importance: human solidarity and friendship. Following his election to the papacy, Pope Francis first greeted the world with the words fratelli e sorelle — “brothers and sisters.” In this encyclical, he continues to address all men and women as his brothers and sisters, calling us to consider what our common brotherhood requires of us.

    Pope Francis
    Item: T2650

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