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  • Just Like Mary

    With it's captivating writing style and charming art, Just Like Mary will help you teach your child or grandchild about the amazing woman God chose to be the mother of His Son. For children preschool to 9 years old.

    R Gortler/D Piscitelli
    Item: T44
  • Prove It! Jesus

    Gives young people the true facts about Jesus, who He really was, whether the Gospels are reliable accounts of His life, what's behind all the miracle stories, evidence for the Resurrection, and most importantly, what it all means for them.
    Amy Welborn
    Item: 395
  • Prove It! Prayer

    These are the answers teenagers desperately want! Why didn't God answer my prayers? What's the best way to pray? Does praying do any good at all? Helps young people understand what the Church teaches and why.
    Amy Welborn
    Item: 544
  • Why Matter Matters

    We are shown why the material elements of the sacraments -- like bread, wine, water, and oil -- are absolutely crucial to our faith. Get a step-by-step explanation of why the Church does what it does, and why it makes a difference.

    David P. Lang
    Item: T21
  • Teach Me About Mary

    Mary's rich story is shared through Scriptural stories, cultural traditions, popular devotions, interesting activities, and prayers -- all age-appropriate for kids 3 to 7.

    J. Plum/P. Plum/C. Odell
    Item: R25
  • Little Acts of Grace

    The ideal way to introduce children to Catholic customs. With bright, cheerful illustrations and engaging prose, young ones learn Catholic virtues and find ways to put them into action. For children preschool to 9 years old.

    R Gortler/D Piscitelli
    Item: T3
  • Why is THAT in Tradition?

    This book explains what the Church has always taught about hot topics like Mary, praying for the dead, indulgences, Tradition with a capital T, and more.

    Patrick Madrid
    Item: T10
  • Pastoral Answers

    Tough questions deserve honest answers, and Monsignor Mannion has been giving us those answers every week in OSV newsweekly. Now, the most probing questions from his columns are answered in this book, newly organized by topic for easy reference.
    M. Francis Mannion
    Item: 725
  • Prove It! Church

    From Mary, the saints, papal infallibility, infant baptism, purgatory, and more, here are the answers you need when someone challenges your faith. Prove that the Catholic Church belongs to Christ, teaches Christ -- and that Christ is present today!
    Amy Welborn
    Item: 981
  • Saints of Africa

    Over 117 million Catholics live in Africa -- almost twice as many as in the U.S. Discover early defenders of the Faith and 20th-century martyrs as they bear witness to the remarkable sanctity of Africa.

    Vincent J. O'Malley, C.M.
    Item: 373
  • Blessings Every Day

    Delightful devotions paired with easy-to-read Bible verses charm kids ages two through five (and their parents as well!). Includes short poems or prayers with illustrations by Elena Kucharik, developer of the Care Bears.
    Item: 984

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