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  • Living Abundantly in Difficult Financial Times-Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Experts tell us our economic system is failing. Headlines scream bad news. We worry about our savings. We wonder what will happen to us.

    Living Abundantly in Difficult Financial Times reminds us what is really important: God's grace. It also gives us practical suggestions on how to get through these difficult times.

    Woodeene Koenig-Bricker
    Item: P850
  • Eucharistic Adoration, Spanish Edition

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Eucharistic Adoration is a how-to guide for prayerful and thoughtful devotion. Concrete suggestions, spiritual meanings, even illustrated explanations of the objects used in adoration are wrapped into an attractive, easy-to-read, and distribute, package.

    Paul Thigpen, Ph.D.
    Item: P691
  • Why Do We Have to Go to Mass?, Spanish Edition

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    This pamphlet will help you understand and explain the answer to the question, Why do we "have to" go to Mass? in clear, straightforward terms. It will give you a renewed appreciation for the Mass and the role it plays in your faith. In Spanish.

    Lorene Hanley Duquin
    Item: P693
  • How to Celebrate the Easter Season, Spanish Edition

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Celebrating the Easter Season is your resource for inspiration well beyond the excitement of Easter morning.

    Easter is not the end, but rather just the beginning and this pamphlet will give you the inspiration and insights for a new outlook during the Easter season. In Spanish!

    Amy Welborn
    Item: P444
  • How to Celebrate Advent - Span

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    How to Celebrate Advent can provide a simple reminder and reinforcement to truly evaluate the time, stress, effort, and family traditions of the season.

    Amy Welborn
    Item: P442
  • The Rosary for Children, Spanish Edition

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    The Rosary for Children is just what you need to help children start what hopefully becomes a lifelong habit. Engage them with colorful images and simple instructions with all the prayers written for them.

    Item: P494
  • How to Pray the Rosary, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Each set of mysteries, including the new Luminous Mysteries, is accompanied by the Scripture passages from which these thoughtful meditations are drawn.

    Item: P155
  • Saint Margaret of Castello, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Your parish families may not recognize the name — Saint Margaret of Castello — but they will soon know and revere her as a saint who can teach us all about the logic of divine love. Margaret’s life was, on the surface, tragic — multiple disabilities, cruel and indifferent parents, confined in solitary for years, then abandoned in a strange city a homeless beggar. So why, in the face of all this suffering, was Margaret compassionate, loving, and joyful? This pamphlet captures the thrilling and inspiring story of a woman whose deep faith, trust in God’s providence, and selfless giving allowed her to rise above her limitations, teaching us that everyone is capable of serving God and fellow man.

    Leo Zanchettin
    Item: P2726

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