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  • Lent: A Time for Mercy, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Lent during the Jubilee Year of Mercy provides parishes with the opportunity to emphasize mercy as a key element in our preparation for Christ's coming at Easter. Prayer, meditation, reflection on the life of Mary, and the Works of Mercy, along with suggestions for Lenten practices centered on mercy help Catholics move toward a spiritual conversion that will lead to action.

    Lorene Hanley Duquin
    Item: P1771
  • Prepare the Way for the Lord: A Family Advent Guide, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Help parish families celebrate Advent and prepare for the coming of Christ with this feature-rich pamphlet created just for them. For each week of Advent, families can follow along as they read scripture together, light the advent wreath candle and say a simple prayer, and join in a fun or thought-provoking family activity that encourages a deeper participation in the Advent season than ever before.

    Heidi Busse
    Item: P1631
  • Why Be Catholic-Top Ten, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    When the world seems to be full of reasons not to practice any type of religion, and the media portrays Christianity, particularly Catholicism, in a bad light, many people may wonder why be Catholic?.

    In just a few short but compelling answers, this pamphlet gives Spanish-speaking Catholics and non-Catholics alike the simple reasons why the Church is still vibrant and growing 2,000+ years after being founded by Jesus Christ himself. This is an ideal resource for inactive Catholics, those considering Catholicism, and for the budding apologists in any parish.

    Mary Elizabeth Sperry
    Item: P1418
  • Marriage: A Sacrament of Lasting Love, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    In simple, straightforward language, Catholic couple Heidi and Cory Busse share what the Church teaches about the sacrament of marriage. This brochure is ideal for a couple just contemplating marriage, but also for married couples of any age who want to understand how God's grace is given through the sacrament, how to navigate the tough times, what to expect in the various cycles of marriage, and steps to making a marriage that lasts.

    Heidi and Cory Busse
    Item: P1330
  • Eucharist: Sacrament of Faith, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Catholics the world over are called to participate in the holy sacrifice of the Mass, and receive the sacrament of the Eucharist. But do we really undertstand the full impact of this transforming gift? This brief pamphlet is packed with answers and insights that will help your parishioners draw closer to the sacrament and experience its life-changing effects.

    Rev. Alfred McBride, O.Praem.
    Item: P1382
  • How to Make a Good Confession, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    This concise pamphlet is designed to help Catholics understand the Sacrament of Reconciliation, walking them through the actions and responses for each step by step. Ultimately readers will be comforted and ensured that they are able to make a good confession.

    Rev. Alfred McBride, O.Praem.
    Item: P1360
  • Are You Thinking About Becoming a Catholic?, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Some people begin their journey to the Catholic Church when they feel a tugging at their heart or the call of "the still small voice within." That is the perfect time to reach out to them with this pamphlet. This includes the process of becoming Catholic, the steps involved in RCIA, and a simple and approchable description of what Catholics believe. Equip yourself with this helpful, easy-to-read brochure.

    Lorene Hanley Duquin
    Item: P1341
  • What is a Novena and Why Should I Pray One? Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    What is a Novena, and Why Should I Pray One? explains why we use nine instead of another number. It tells us there are different kinds of novenas. You can pray a novena by yourself or with others. And, it tells you how to pray a novena. But most importantly, it tells us that Christ taught us to pray without ceasing.

    Mike Aquilina
    Item: P956
  • Five Ways to Prepare for Mass, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Most events in life require preparation, whether you are leaving on a trip, hosting a party, or going to a concert or sporting event. Preparation is important for a successful day at work, at school, or even at the gym. Getting in the right mindset is a recipe for success. It helps you feel a sense of security, readiness, and satisfaction. The same holds true for Mass.

    Fr. Ralph Talbot
    Item: P1056
  • Eucharistic Adoration, Spanish Edition

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Eucharistic Adoration is a how-to guide for prayerful and thoughtful devotion. Concrete suggestions, spiritual meanings, even illustrated explanations of the objects used in adoration are wrapped into an attractive, easy-to-read, and distribute, package.

    Paul Thigpen, Ph.D.
    Item: P691
  • Why Do We Have to Go to Mass?, Spanish Edition

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    This pamphlet will help you understand and explain the answer to the question, Why do we "have to" go to Mass? in clear, straightforward terms. It will give you a renewed appreciation for the Mass and the role it plays in your faith. In Spanish.

    Lorene Hanley Duquin
    Item: P693
  • How to Pray the Rosary, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Each set of mysteries, including the new Luminous Mysteries, is accompanied by the Scripture passages from which these thoughtful meditations are drawn.

    Item: P155

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