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  • 21 Maneras de Adorar

    Escrito en el estilo conversacional personal de Vinny, 21 Maneras de Adorar es una guía fácil de leer, cargada con ideas, técnicas y oraciones que inspiran, para ayudarte a aprovechar al máximo tu tiempo de Adoración.

    Vinny Flynn
    Item: MS479458
  • 7 Secretos de la Divina Misericordia

    En este oportuno y fascinante libro, el exitoso autor Vinny Flynn se sirve de las Escrituras, las enseñanzas de la Iglesia, y el Diario de Santa Faustina para revelarnos la esencia de la Divina Misericordia. El autor nos ofrece una invitación y un plan de acción para que la Divina Misericordia, desbordamiento del amor de la Santísima Trinidad, pueda transformar nuestras vidas.

    Vinny Flynn
    Item: MS479540
  • 7 Secretos de la Confesión

    En 7 Secretos de la Confesión, el autor de gran éxito de ventas, Vinny Flynn, explora las verdades "ocultas" de ese encuentro con Cristo, presentando lo que para muchos será un modo nuevo de acercarse a la confesión, e invitándote a iniciar un apasionante camino personal de sanación y santidad.

    Vinny Flynn
    Item: MS479489
  • Catholic Parent Know-How: Overview of Restored Order, Spanish

    As parents guide their children on the journey to complete the sacraments of initiation, they may have many questions: “Isn’t it unusual for children to receive Confirmation before the Eucharist? Why are people using the words “restored order” or “original order”? “I thought or was taught that you needed to be more of an adult to receive Confirmation — why is the Church changing what it has always done?” This resource is meant to help parents reflect on those very questions. It invites them to move to a deeper understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in the Sacraments of Initiation and explore the celebration of the sacraments from a historical perspective. Most importantly this resource will offer parents the opportunity to hear the call of the Holy Spirit to live a more conscious life of faith.

    JoAnn Paradise
    Item: X1767
  • Catholic Parent Know-How: Restored Order Mystagogia, Spanish

    Once your parish children have completed their celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation -- baptism, confirmation, and eucharist -- it is important to remind families that this is not the end. Each of us is called to continuing conversion and a lifelong journey of growing closer to God. This booklet was written to help families live the promise they celebrate in the Sacraments, and to dive even deeper into the Paschal Mystery. Topics include: helping children respond to the gifts of the Spirit and bear the fruit of the Spirit, six important habits for families to continue the journey, and helping children to live and share the faith.

    Joseph D. White, PhD
    Item: X1769
  • Mother Teresa Magnet, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Be inspired every day by the simple words of now St. Teresa of Calcutta with this new magnet. Put it on your refrigerator, locker, filing cabinet, or anywhere you will see it each day, as a reminder to simply pray. Her secret, prayer, is one we can make our own, and realize the joy, peace, and love we can both experience and share as she did.

    Heidi Busse
    Item: X1806
  • Catholic Parent Know-How: Confirmation, Revised, Spanish

    This time of Confirmation, completing Baptism, now gives your whole family a chance to reflect with your son or daughter on the all-pervading importance of our Catholic life. Confirmation is a celebration of the ongoing power of the already-present Holy Spirit in our lives, the Spirit first received in Baptism. Confirmation deepens and intensifies the gifts of the Spirit. Parents of confirmands will appreciate knowing what to expect and how to help prepare their child for confirmation with aid of this revised and redesigned resource.

    Janet Schaeffler, O.P.
    Item: X1762
  • Catholic Parent Know-How: First Communion, Revised, Spanish

    Empower parents with the faith-building activities and ideas in Catholic Parent Know-How: First Communion. This is an amazingly affordable 8-page tool has been completely redesigned, making it fun and easy for every family to prepare for the Sacrament. Parents can gain involvement in their children's growth and even give them some spiritual nourishment of their own.

    Joseph D. White, PhD
    Item: X1724
  • Catholic Parent Know-How: First Reconciliation, Revised, Spanish

    When parents had their child baptized, they promised to raise him or her to learn and experience Our Catholic Faith. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of those steps in fulfilling that promise.

    Reconciliation is a reminder to all of us that "God loves us no matter what." A child's first experience of the sacrament will set the stage for what should become a lifetime of experiencing God's unconditional love in this great tradition of our Faith. For this reason, it is important for parents to inform themselves concerning what the Church teaches about reconciliation and how best to communicate those teachings ot our children.

    Now completely redesigned with a fresh new look and feel, 8-page Catholic Parent Know-How: First Reconciliation gives parents the confidence to communicate Church teachings on Reconciliation to their child.

    Joseph D. White, PhD
    Item: X1722
  • Sac Prep Family Set, Spanish

    Reinforce any sacramental preparation program with these family-focused resources to boost engagement, understanding, and love of Christ.

    Item: X1755
  • Child's Confession Resource, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    A handy resource for all parish children that helps them through every step of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Sized to make it convenient to bring along to Confession, it is also handy to have inside the confessional.

    Item: X1636
  • Catholic Parent Know-How: Bringing Allelu Home, 3-4 Year Old, Spanish

    As children watch their parents living out the Christian life, they, too, grow in Faith. This booklet has an overview of the development of the preschool age child. It has a summary of the six basic tasks of faith formation and how to help your child in each of these areas. In addition, it has a summary of the key themes your child will explore this year in Allelu!, and a prayer.

    Joseph D. White, Ph.D. and Ana Arista White
    Item: X1247
  • Catholic Parent Know-How: Bullying, What Parents Can Do, Spanish

    In recent years, the topic of bullying has been at the forefront of our national conversation, due in part to several high-profile cases in which children and teens took their own lives after being bullied.

    In this new Catholic Parent Know-How from Our Sunday Visitor, and by Catholic child psychologist Dr. Joseph White, you'll find solidly Catholic, practical advice for helping you keep your child physically and emotionally safe.

    Joseph D. White, Ph.D.
    Item: X1317
  • Be an Amazing Catechist: Sacramental Preparation, Spanish

    Be An Amazing Catechist: Sacramental Preparation is a guide for teaching the Sacraments, with a special emphasis on Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation, accurately and vibrantly, so that both the catechist and the children will come to a more complete appreciation for their purpose, beauty, and power to transform lives.

    Lisa Mladinich
    Item: X1257

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