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  • The Psalms: The Bible's Prayer Book, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Encourage Catholics to grow in their love and understanding of the “Bible’s Prayer Book,” the Psalms. In this easy-to-read pamphlet, readers are given an overview of the types of psalms – hymns of praise, hymns of thanksgiving, and laments – as well as suggestions for how to incorporate them in personal prayer. The Lord himself knew and prayed the Psalms, and his example challenges us to use them in our lives and allow them to touch our hearts.

    Art Zannoni
    Item: P2534
  • Declaring Saints: How the Canonizations Process Works, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 10***

    Finally, a thorough, detailed look at how the Church declares saints – in a pamphlet! Help Catholics or non-Catholics understand the “who, what, how, when, and why” of the entire canonization process. Through the understanding of this process, Catholics will be reminded that we are all called to become saints by living lives of sacrifice, charity, and virtue.

    Michael Heinlein
    Item: P2517
  • 7 Secretos de la Eucaristia

    Basada profundamente en las Sagradas Escrituras, los escritos de los santos, y las enseñanzas de nuestros dos papas más recientes, este libro tan extraordinario y profundo lo introducirá a algunas de las verdades "ocultas" de la Eucaristía - verdades que han sido acogidas por teólogos, santos y místicos, pero que raramente han sido transmitidas de una manera significativa a la persona común.

    Vinny Flynn
    Item: MS479328
  • 21 Maneras de Adorar

    Escrito en el estilo conversacional personal de Vinny, 21 Maneras de Adorar es una guía fácil de leer, cargada con ideas, técnicas y oraciones que inspiran, para ayudarte a aprovechar al máximo tu tiempo de Adoración.

    Vinny Flynn
    Item: MS479458
  • Madre de Misericordia Rosario Bíblico

    En el se presentan pasajes breves de las escrituras antes de cada Ave María, a fin de ayudarlo a mantenerse enfocado en cada misterio. Los pasajes han sido seleccionados cuidadosamente de modo que, mientras usted ora el Ave María, se desarrolla gradualmente la historia del evento que está contemplando.

    Vinny Flynn
    Item: MS479472
  • 7 Secretos de la Divina Misericordia

    En este oportuno y fascinante libro, el exitoso autor Vinny Flynn se sirve de las Escrituras, las enseñanzas de la Iglesia, y el Diario de Santa Faustina para revelarnos la esencia de la Divina Misericordia. El autor nos ofrece una invitación y un plan de acción para que la Divina Misericordia, desbordamiento del amor de la Santísima Trinidad, pueda transformar nuestras vidas.

    Vinny Flynn
    Item: MS479540
  • 7 Secretos de la Confesión

    En 7 Secretos de la Confesión, el autor de gran éxito de ventas, Vinny Flynn, explora las verdades "ocultas" de ese encuentro con Cristo, presentando lo que para muchos será un modo nuevo de acercarse a la confesión, e invitándote a iniciar un apasionante camino personal de sanación y santidad.

    Vinny Flynn
    Item: MS479489
  • What You Need to Know: Annulments, SPANISH

    ***Sold in packs of 10***

    This easy-to-read pamphlet is a great source of facts about one of the most misunderstood ministries in the Catholic church - annulments. It clearly defines what an annulment is and what it is not, specifies the grounds for an annulment, explains who needs an annulment, and describes the formal annulment process. This pamphlet includes the latest information from the Vatican, and is a wonderful tool to keep on hand at the parish for families who may be affected, or for anyone wishing to know the truth about annulments.

    Lorene Duquin
    Item: P2492
  • Full of Grace: The Story of Mary the Mother of Jesus., Spanish

    Hay solo una persona en el Evangelio que tuvo la experiencia de vivir treinta años con Jesús - desde su nacimiento hasta su resurrección: María, su Madre. Después de una vida completa con el Hijo de Dios - huyenda a Egipto, perdiéndolo en el templo y viéndolo crucificado en la cruz - María vive sus últimos d&#237as en la tierra sumergida en reflexión. Diez años después de las Resurrección, María espera ansiosamente el regreso del apóstol Pedro. Cuando él llega a su casa después de años viajando, ministrando y por poco escapando la muerte, Pedro expresa la responsabilidad abrumadora de predicar en medio de las herejías y los conflictos. Después de recibir el aliento que sólo una madre puede ofrecer, Pedro vuelve a descubrir la verdad.

    Item: OBD1236
  • Mini House: Noah's Ark

    Set on a big wide boat spilling over with animals, Noah's Ark is a counting book that tells the story of Noah and his famous ark. One day the rain started to fall, two beasts of each kind too Noah's ark, three times he cried "Come on board!"

    Item: ING6628
  • Noah's Ark Wooden Shape Sorter

    Camels and kangaroos, monkeys and alligators are among the charming chunky animal pieces to sort into this wooden ark. The two-story ark features flip-open doors, twenty-six animal blocks, plus Noah and his wife!

    Item: ING7860
  • Finding Freedom from Pornography, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    Pornography addiction is a growing epidemic in America today. It is an addition that can have the same effect on the brain as cocaine, is widely available, and has a devastating effect on relationships, families, and marriages. In this pamphlet you can help men and women learn that they can recover, and seven effective steps they can begin taking to be free from pornography. Helpful to have available in or near the confessional, and for use by ministry staff for individual counseling.

    Peter Kleponis
    Item: P2357
  • Christus Vivit, Spanish Edition

    To young Christians of the world, Pope Francis has a message for you: "Christ is alive, and he wants you to be alive!"

    In his fourth apostolic exhortation, Christus Vivit, Pope Francis encapsulates the work of the 2018 synod of bishops on "Young People, The Faith, and Vocational Discernment.”

    Pope Francis
    Item: T2383
  • St Nicholas Socks

    There are a lot of Christmas socks out there. None will be as authentically Catholic as these St. Nick Socks! Let your socks start conversations about the true story of jolly 'ole St. Nick. Can you think of a better gift to give on December 6th than to fill those shoes with this saintly touch?

    Item: SR18008
  • What is a Permanent Deacon?, Spanish

    ***Sold in packs of 50***

    For many, deacons are a bit of a mystery. Like bishops and priests, deacons are members of the clergy who receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders, not to the priesthood, but unto sacred service. What Is a Permanent Deacon? helps us understand the history behind the deaconate as well as the duties and importance of this sacred role.

    Deacon Dominic Cerrato Ph.D.
    Item: P1992
  • Our Lady of Grace Socks

    Our Lady of Grace is one of the most well known images of Mary. You've been asking for a Mary sock, we delivered!

    Item: SR18005
  • Rosary Socks

    Revealed by the Blessed Virgin to St. Dominic in a Dream, the Holy Rosary became a common practice of meditative prayer in the Church. These socks will remind you and those you encounter to pray the rosary when you wear them!

    Item: SR18007
  • St. Joseph Socks

    St. Joseph is the protector of the church and an amazing example of how to be a husband and spouse. Check out the carpenters square in the pattern! St. Joseph didn't say much... well anything we know of, but we have so much to learn from him.

    Item: SR18004

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