Allelu! Introductory Starter Kit (Ages 4-5), Spanish

Allelu! Introductory Starter Kit (Ages 4-5), Spanish



Package Components: Allelu! Growing and Celebrating with Jesus 4-5 Year-Old Catechist/Teacher Guide, Spanish , Allelu! Growing and Celebrating with Jesus Training DVD , Allelu! Growing and Celebrating with Jesus 4-5 year-old Music CD , Catholic Parent Know-How: Bringing Allelu Home, 4-5 Year Old, Spanish , Allelu 4-5 Starter Kit Sticker , Allelu! Growing and Celebrating with Jesus Magnetic Figures , Allelu! Growing and Celebrating with Jesus 4-5 year-old Child/Family Activity Sheets, Spanish , Why Allelu! Brochure-Spanish

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Allelu! is Christ-centered, nurturing young children's natural tendency to seek a relationship with God, reinforcing a strong sense of community and love.

Allelu! is a developmentally appropriate curriculum that utilizes hands-on, experiential learning techniques such as art, dramatic play, music, crafts, and discussion to fully engage and energize Spanish-speaking children at home and in the classroom.

Allelu's multi-sensory methodology with easy implementation and set-up guidelines make every teacher or catechist an expert on how preschoolers learn best. Author and child psychologist, Joseph D. White, Ph.D. seamlessly incorporates all the latest development and communication techniques into a balance of teacher-directed, teacher-assisted, and child-directed activities.

Allelu! is anchored with a child/family classroom piece that is simply, yet fully integrated into real life at the family dinner table. It provides faith-building and engaging prayers, activities, and saint stories, as well as brief, teachable tidbits for the entire family.

Allelu! is designed for use in the school or parish setting by volunteers or professional teachers. With multiple lesson options featuring a choice of activities that fit any budget, time schedule, and space, Allelu! never loses sight of how young children learn best no matter what the environment. The Catechist/Teacher Guide includes detailed how to's, sample scripts, and itemized checklist to simplify prep work for all involved.

In addition to being fun and entertaining, Allelu! will fully prepare children for the next level at the year's end. Allelu! is the only early childhood program that is built around the six major tasks of catechesis and the seven major content areas of the Bishops' guildelines for early childhood materials.

The Starter Kit Includes:

  • Catechist/Teacher Guide
  • Training DVD
  • Reproducible Music CD
  • Sample of Catholic Parent Know-How: Bringing Allelu! Home
  • Sample of Catechist's Companion: What You Need to Know, Early Childhood
  • Magnetic Figures

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