Catholic Parent Know-How

Catholic Parent Know-How

Why Do We Have to Go to Mass?  

Lorene Hanley Duquin
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Make a Lasting Spiritual Impact

You may wonder whether struggling with an active preschooler during Mass is really a good idea -- especially if you get disapproving looks from the people around you!

Your elementary-age children may ask why your family goes to church when none of their friends have to go.

Your middle-school child might protest that Mass is boring and ask why your family can't go to the Protestant church where kids have fun on Sunday mornings.

Your teen may insist that there is no need to go to Mass because he or she can talk to God just as well at home.

How you respond will have a lasting impact on the spiritual life of your family.

The purpose of Catholic Parent Know-How: "Why Do We Have to Go to Mass?" is to help you answer this question in ways that will encourage and inspire.


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