Why Do We Have to Go to Mass?

Why Do We Have to Go to Mass?


Lorene Hanley Duquin
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It's a question every parent hears eventually. And in a busy, distracted world, it's a question many Catholics sometimes ask themselves: Why do we "have to" go to Mass?

Now you have help. Why do we "have to" go to Mass? responds in clear and straightforward terms. Understandable for all ages, this pamphlet will equip you with a renewed appreciation for the Mass and the role it plays in your faith.

This is a great tool to help you understand and explain the answer to your children and their peers.

Why do we "have to" go to Mass? can also be used in schools, religious education programs, and youth groups because it addresses one of the most common questions for children and young adults. It can be used to explain the Mass itself, how we actively practice our faith, our connection to the broader Church, and/or the significance of the Eucharist.

For a non-reproducible PDF of this pamphlet, click here. The PDF is meant for review only and should not be reproduced in any form.

Also available in Spanish.


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