How to Get More Out of the Mass

How to Get More Out of the Mass


Michael Dubruiel
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How often do you hear people say they don't come to Mass because they just don't get anything out of it, or because it's always the same? The beauty of the Mass -- its ancient structure and prayers -- is maligned most by those who understand it least. But how do you speak to those who aren't there?

Reach out with Our Sunday Visitor's pamphlet, How to Get More Out of the Mass. Give its straightforward, concrete message to everyone you know. Those who attend Mass already are sure to find a fact they never knew or a suggestion they wish to try. And those who have fallen away may find a reason to return.

How to Get More Out of the Mass turns the common complaint on its head, explaining that as Catholics we are not at Mass to get, but to give. This philosophy leaves little to find fault with: If we are there to participate, to contribute to our faith community, to share our prayers and voices and time, then we are the Mass.

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