Stewardship, a Way of Life

Stewardship, a Way of Life


Leisa Anslinger
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What is Stewardship Really All About?

People sometimes speak of stewardship in the context of "the three t's": time, talent, and treasure. Many think of stewardship only in terms of asking for money. Stewardship is a way of life and our relationship with Christ is at the heart of it all.

Our time is a gift from God. You may come home from work or school, very tired. But you have a request from your godmother or aunt or father needing your help on something. This is a sacrifice because all you want to do is sit down and relax. After going and helping, you realize that by giving, you received, which eases your stress.

Our talents are gifts from God. You may be a teacher. When you retire you may volunteer as a catechist. You are doing something you love, teaching children, but you are also giving of yourself, using your gift from God to help them grow and develop in the Church. We all have talents that we can use to help others, and help ourselves develop, grow, and share.

Our treasure is a gift from God. Sometimes we move some place where we know no one, but we have faith in God's providential care, faith that all will be well. This is the case, no matter what we do.

Think about what we own...and what owns us? Tithing is giving 10% of one's treasure to church and charity. It helps us to use our money in a way that keeps God first, as a sign of our gratitude to God for all we've been given. Tithing means giving to God first, instead of what is left over.

Stewardship is a way of life.

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